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You won't even owe us (that much) because of this favor

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

Some of you will look at the accompanying photo to this post, stop reading, and make a beeline for Ralph’s. Others might need an explanation as to why what you’re looking at is one of the greatest things that have ever happened to humankind.

Deschutes, the brewery, has what is commonly referred to as “reserve series”. Like one would assume, these are beers that hold a high quality–a very high quality–and are only available for a limited amount of time, in limited quantities. They are the type of beers brewed for aging.

I guess a short way to put it is that they’re some pretty expensive bombers. Right around $17 to be exact.

So, this is what we’ve got so far: Limited supplies; expensive; get betters with age, and naturally harder to find, too. Laws of supply and demand (not to mention history) suggest that prices rise pretty quickly for these reserves.

And that brings us to the somewhat unbelievable (at least for beer geeks) point: Ralph’s is dumping its whole supply of Deschutes’s Mirror Mirror and (Not) the Stoic, peddling bottles for $10 off. $7 bottles! I mean, good god, if that doesn’t make you excited, you are most likely in a coma.

These are the types of news I tend to keep to myself, but hell, sometimes things just get so good, that sharing is the only option. This type of beer–at 12% ABV–is probably best for sharing, anyway.

Run and get a few bottles while you still have the chance. Mirror Mirror is my personal favorite–this 2014 vintage is fantastic–but (Not) the Stoic is awesome too. This could quite possibly be the last chance you’ll have to pick any of these up, particularly for (holy cripes on toast!) $7.

No need to thank us–this is just how we are!