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Vic's Pizzeria

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

For whatever reason, one that really doesn’t matter, Olympia has this whole pizza thing down. I’m OK with that, and I’m sure you are too, seeing only a terrorist would think otherwise.

For Vic’s, its goodness all comes down to the basics: Here the toppings are fresh, to the point you can see them purchased before your very eyes. Stop by Wildwood, and you can see staff running back and forth to Spud’s to get ingredients pretty much any hour of the day. It makes for good watching from Olympia Coffee.

Then there’s the crust, with a great mix of a crunch and a chew. Excellent consistency, but also with a nice flavor that passes the “I could eat the crust by itself and be very happy doing so” test. Crust that can pass for bread is something to make us happy.

Both of those points might sound very basic, and they are, but how many places come close to hitting them? I’d say few, and that’s a little sad, I suppose, so accept spots that do it right with arms as wide open as Creed’s.

Basics aside, Vic’s has some different choices of pies. The more interesting one is vegan, which might sound sort of un-different and boring, but really, the flavor of the vegan curry is a beautiful kick in the teeth. I’m not a big vegan kind of a guy, but this is a pizza I really can get behind. The sauce in itself is a good substitute for cheese.

It all kind of works. The toppings are used sparingly, but not in a chintzy kind of way. Sparingly as in a constrained, purposeful manner. That might sound simple, but simplicity can often be complicated. Which it is here.

And bonus points for the root beer on tap. It’s good stuff.

Vic’s is a favorite. There are a lot of pizza places in Olympia, and Vic’s is right up there with the best of them. We approve.