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Tofu Hut

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

I’ll be honest here: the amount of Lacey recommendations we have received have been negligible at best. In fact, one of the few spots that has been repeated as a “worth the drive” kind of location has been Tofu Hut. So, was it worth it? Well, yes. (I mean, I know I’m supposed to hold off with the conclusion to the end, but really… We like the place!)

I’d say the best part of the meal was the fried tofu appetizer, which was really good. Lightly fried, the consistency had a nice squishy feel to it, with a sweet chili sauce complementing it perfectly for dipping. A simple dish, and that in all the right ways.

My kalbi–Korean style short ribs–didn’t fare quite as well. They had the right bite to them (which isn’t the case with ribs all that often) and were definitely respectable. Sadly, the flavor was a little bit on the dull side. Very little was going on there, and I’m not sure the $18 price tag was justified–for that I expect a bit more of an oomph.

The Tokyo yakisoba was more of a return to form, with the same great tofu as the appetizer in it. (I guess they’re called Tofu Hut for a reason.) With mushrooms adding nice depth to the flavor, the noodles were perfectly prepared; not the mushy mess we too often see.

In that sense, I guess one should just go with what is advertised here: tofu. Don’t get me wrong, the ribs were fine, but for a price tag like that, I expect something a little bit better.

So, yes, Tofu Hut does make the drive to Lacey worthwhile. Good showing, and hopefully we can find other decent spots in a city that doesn’t get a whole lot of respect.