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Three Magnets Brewing Co Big Truck Stout

Posted in Beer. Because, why not?

Three Magnets in bottles? Who’s excited? I’m excited! What do you mean you’re not excited? You should be excited!

With that said, while this stout-meets-Olympia Coffee’s Big Truck espresso should have me over the moon, I’m left just a wee bit disappointed. This often ends up being the case with low ABV stouts, and Big Truck Stout is sadly no different.

So what is the issue, and what are the non-issues?

To go with the latter first, the flavor is good. Very good. The flavor base is solid, and you can clearly pick up on the espresso which never feels bitter. There are flavors of a great stout in the making is here.

Where it… I mean, it doesn’t fall apart as such as much as wander into letdown territory, is the mouthfeel. As with most stouts, 5.2% often ends up feeling really thin. Like water-y. And you need something thicker than that if you want your stout to be properly propped up, at least that’s how it works in my not-really-too-humble of an opinion.

In that sense, in my perfect world, Three Magnets would take the next step into imperial coffee stout country. The flavor is already there—kick the ABV up, age it a bit, and get the mouthfeel to the right point, and it could be a winner, as many of Three Magnets’s beers tend to be.

What we’re left with, though, is a very solid stout. Jet black, great flavor, and just a hair shy of being the coffee stout I was hoping it would be.