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The Bread Peddler

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

It’s usually is a good sign when a good bakery has an extended menu. How many bad dishes have been based on good bread, after all? None! Of course, it’s not that the Bread Peddler is all about bread, but really… With bread like this, you probably want some on the side, at least. You deserve it. Carbs are good; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Croque Forestiere is a great example of what you’ll get her. Served on a potato bread, the mushrooms go deliciously with the mornay sauce, and the mustard on the side is something I could eat by itself. I mean, really, by the spoon, if need be! It’s awesome, and complements the sandwich perfectly. The whole sandwich is fresh tasting, and, as opposed to the similarly prized Lucky Lunchbox, this is not something I could have easily put together at home.

The Eggs Benedict, too, holds a high standard. Here the bread is challah, which stands up to the Hollandaise sauce well. It soaks it in, but doesn’t get soggy. I like the ham version of the dish, but you can also go with lox and spinach, or tomato and spinach. Darby’s might do a better Benedict–not as classy, but gloriously over the top–but if you go with the half order here, you’ll get something tasty as all hell, and in a proper sized portion, too. (I suppose some might like plates twice the size of their heads, but to me, that’s always been a bit of an overkill…)

You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu… Eggs en Cocotte? Superb stuff.

Now, being a bakery, you can obviously gorge out on sweeter stuff, too, something you probably should do so. The pain au chocolat is excellent. Buttery, flaky, not too sweet… In all its complex simplicity, it is a difficult pastry to master, and the Bread Peddler does it better than most.

The menus aren’t huge, and the dishes here are simple. That’s how we like it. Clean fresh flavors and superb baked goods… Those who don’t like that are no friends of us, and really,