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Taqueria La Esquinta

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

It’s no Ramirez, but La Esquinta holds its own as far as quality is concerned. It is, of course, also a different kind of spot—a restaurant as opposed to a market/deli—and we’re all about variety here at Team OlyCOOL.

Take the seafood menu; here it is half a page long, without much of it seeming same-y. I gave the coctel de camarón a shot, and good as the dish is (it is), you’re really not going to get a good taste for the quality of the shrimp itself, which is too bad for those of us who are fan of the crustacean. The flavor of the sauce is too overpowering to really get a taste of it, yet, in its defense, it does have a very nice flavor to it. This is a spicy dish, with cucumber and avocado cooling the sauce down toward the end, though probably not enough to make it a good choice for those who lean toward the milder side of the spectrum.

An acquired dish, then, but well worth trying if you can live with the spices. It has a very fresh feel to it, perfect for a warm summer eve, to the point where I use the expression “warm summer eve”.

The tortas are a bit more within the common Mexican menu-sphere, and that’s not really a bad thing. The bread is quite decent, both sweet and fresh, and the Cubana has some great ham and steak flavors going on.

It’s a nice little spot, La Esquinta, in a great location downtown, where you can quickly get over to Three Magnets to cool down your palate after the shrimp cocktail. Practicality is a good thing.

I wouldn’t start throwing elbows to be first in the door, but La Esquinta does hold its own. It’s quite a bit better than the many huge-plate American-Mexican spots we too often see. We’d go here again, and I’m sure you would too. Unless you suck. Then you wouldn’t.