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Ramirez Mexican Store & Tortilla Factory

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

Does Ramirez serve up the best Mexican food in the Olympia area? So we have been told, and so we believe, but what does it actually mean? I realize that comes off as somewhat whiny right up front, but that really isn’t what I’m going for (this time around). Let me treat you to an explanation…

Ramirez is good–very good–and I will gladly go there again and again. It’s Mexican food that way it should be done. Grab a torta and you get what you should expect: Nice fresh bread with just a pinch of sweetness to it (kind of like us, really), topped with your choice of deli meat. Add some onion and cilantro, and you got a good sandwich going on.

You might be expecting a but here, and don’t worry, it will come, but bear with me…

I mentioned the deli, and it is one I’m a fan of. Grabbing some tacos or whatever is, of course, always fun, but picking up asada and/or lengua by the pound, that is one of those special feelings in any sane person’s life. Toss in some tortillas and salsas, and you can make those tacos at home, all to suit your own needs. It’s a beautiful thing, a man, a woman, and a bucket of carnitas.

But… Actually, no, not quite yet.

The fact that you can get both fresh tamales and menudo here is another plus. It’s not that either are particularly out of the ordinary as a whole, but you don’t often find too many good examples of them around town, either.

Which brings me to the and that’s the thing:

Ramirez is very good, but is it best in town type good? I’m not so sure. That says less about Ramirez, really, than it does about Olympia. Ramirez would be considered a very good spot in most cities, but it doesn’t have that “oh my good god, it’s so one of a kind” factor you often times find elsewhere.

Is Ramirez the best Mexican place in town? Many say so, and we have an inkling they might be right. Do you, our three readers, disagree? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook (or even Instagram!)–we genuinely want to be proven wrong here!