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Pho & Baguette

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

I’m fairly certain we can claim Pho & Baguette is our favorite spot located in a Fred Meyer building. That doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot–or anything, for that matter–and I suppose we haven’t really tried that many Fred Meyer-based dining spots, but you get the point. It’s better than Fred Meyer’s deli.

With that in mind, I still don’t think you’d find us walking through snow to get one of Pho & Baguette’s bánh mìs. The sandwiches were serviceable, and there are plenty of worse options out there, but this wasn’t a particularly exciting meal or anything. Think Meconi’s, just with a bit more pizazz.

I mean, credit where credit is due: Pho & Baguette did a good job at keeping the flavors clean. The vegetables were fresh, and the sandwich wasn’t drenched in sauces to hide sub-standard ingredients. If anything, just a second splash of sauce could have gone a long way.

The pickled vegetables also felt a bit under-pickled, and that little zing of tang you might expect was sadly missing. In addition, I couldn’t help but feel the meat needed a little harder kick of seasoning, too.

In short, the bánh mìs scored on freshness, but fell flat on the flavor-punch scale.

That’s really too bad, seeing the staff was friendly, and the prices were more than fair. Get that pickle and spice thing going, and Pho & Baguette could be winner. For now, it’s more playing for a draw.