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Sébastien Tellier: Domesticated

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Domesticated cover

For me the biggest surprise is I found happiness in my family life. Domesticated sounds sad, like I’m a slave or something, but if you listen to the record I’m so happy to be domesticated because I feel better than before. Maybe too much freedom kills the freedom, you know?

Five years have passed since Sébastien Tellier’s pièce de résistance, the Brazilian-inspired L’Aventura, and if the world ever was in need of the Frenchman’s soothing croons, now would be the time.

Ask, and ye shall receive:

The recently dropped Domesticated is Tellier’s autotuned meditation on domesticated life with his wife and son. The lush sound of his previous album has been substituted by a mix of chill-out electronica and Michael Jackson-inspired grooves. Sometimes with minimalist arrangements, other times with full-on keytar (one would hope) maximalism. Even with that wide-ranging span, the album has a cohesive, pleasant sound that fittingly clocks in at about thirty minutes. There’s something to be said for that kind brevity.

My personal favorite tracks: the Chromeo-ish Venezia, and Hazy Feeling, which echoes Jackson’s P.Y.T..

I’m not saying Tellier and Domesticated will heal the world, but it sure is a good starting point. Stream the album from Apple Music.

Track Title Length
01 A Ballet 4:46
02 Stuck in a Summer Love 4:16
03 Venezia 3:13
04 Domestic Tasks 5:25
05 Oui 3:59
06 Atomic Smile 3:09
07 Hazy Feelings 3:24
08 Won 3:51

Well, you can find beauty everywhere. For example, when I clean the windows at home I feel happy because I just did it, and it’s a very straight emotion – it’s clean, so I’m happy.