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Our Table

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

Could Our Table offer up the best restaurant and service in Olympia? Strike that: Our Table offers up the best restaurant and service in Olympia.

There’s something sort of Olympia over Our Table’s interiors: Mismatched tables topped with mismatched flatware, flanked by mismatched chairs… It is not a beautiful space in the traditional sense (a nice, old bar aside), and rather struck us as a pop-up restaurant, which it sort of is. Our Table has up until recently served its food through a window into the neighboring Eastside Club Tavern, though has now additionally opened its doors for brunch from Friday through Monday.

I kinda like this type of… quirky, I guess… operation. While I’m sure it’s not something that will be taught at business school, having chefs just set up a quick space, cooking pretty much whatever they want… The people behind Our Table uses the word «honest» a lot when we chatted to them about their restaurant, and that’s really what it feels like.

The food, by the way, is absolutely stellar. It might sound like we came straight from the closest sports-bar when we say we tried the sliders, fried oysters, and tacos, but what we got here was so much more than that. The oyster, for example, were lightly fried in a flavorful breading, right to having the perfect bite. I mean, really, fried oysters might sound simple, but this is one of the few times I can recall having really, really liked them. The accompanying «hot sauce»—really, that is underselling it—held the same quality, with just a little bit of a kick, and nice depths of flavors. They might not have looked like much, but good grief did they have the proper taste and bite.

As for the sliders, the venison was cooked to the proper doneness, and well seasoned. They won’t kick you in the teeth, but you can certainly pick up on the balanced flavors straight away. The sparsely applied pumpkin-ketchup added just the proper amount of spicy-sweetness to the overall package, wrapped up in some semi-sweet buns. «Sliders» is a misnomer here; these were so much more.

Finally, the carnitas tacos were proclaimed to be one of Team OlyCOOL’s favorites. The meat was properly prepared, all juicy without being greasy, and with the perfect chew. Peach pico added a sweet acidity to the palate, and for heaven’s sake, don’t analyze these things, just run and buy them. They are fantastic, so much better than even a good taco should be.

Our Table is a place you want to be friends with. The kind of friend you hang out with on a regular basis. It’s awesomely non-pretentious and serves awesomely tasty food. Even better, it gives us an excuse to go to Eastside—a spot with a great beer selection, but semi-icky atmosphere. We can gladly celebrate the former and forget the latter, when we can get food from Our Table there.