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Olympia Coffee Roasting Co

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Let me treat you to a fun fact: As I am writing this review of Olympia Coffee, I am also enjoying a cup of their coffee. Granted, that might not be a fun fact, or even a treat, but it is a fact nonetheless.

As for the roaster, it is one that deservedly has received national attention. Hit up one of Olympia Coffee’s three cafés, and I can unequivocally say you will get the best cup of coffee in town. Sure, the competition might not be that fierce, but there is a reason why Roast Magazine named Olympia Coffee micro roaster of the year in 2013. This isn’t just a local operation doing its best under difficult circumstances; it’s one that is part of the upper echelon of coffee awesomeness.

So, to make your life just a little bit richer, here are two undertakings you deserve to treat (hey!) yourself to:

First you have the aforementioned experience of grabbing a cup from one of their cafés. Dont’t run out with a paper cup; sit down, and enjoy the real thing. An actual cup. Cappuccino will suffice, but you should probably be a bit more adventurous, and jump into a pour-over. How many times do you break out the Chemex at home, after all? (I mean, I guess you might do it regularly for all I know, but then you’re playing at a higher level than us, and you probably wear complicated jeans, too.)

Also, make sure you get some beans ground and take them home–no need to deny yourself good coffee on those agoraphobic days. Going the AeroPress route is often times my preference, though it’s hard to argue with the simplicity of a good cup of drip. Be aware the roast might be lighter than what you’re used to–we’re not quite talking Scandinavian levels (which is very light), but not too far off, either.

Simply stated… We like Olympia Coffee a lot. And you should, too. There are other roasters in town, some of which are perfectly OK, but Olympia Coffee is different. Better. The sign of a good café is one that hires baristas that actually have coffee as a hobby, which certainly is the case with Olympia Coffee. And, somewhat surprisingly, they are both nice and polite polite, too. (I suppose one can argue that surliness is part of the whole coffee buying experience, but either way…)

Olympia Coffee is pretty much all you need to become a good, fulfilled human being. That’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it.

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