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Old School Pizzeria

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

Remember when I said there were a lot of places in town that do better pizza crusts than Casa Mia? Of course you do! And Old School is one of them.

Now, crust aside, the actual toppings are by all means perfectly good in their own right. What you’ll find is pretty much the standard American fare: anything from pineapple to jalapeño, which I suppose doesn’t make for super exciting choices, but then, I don’t think that’s a bad thing either.

More importantly, the toppings dont’t feel like the vacuumed sealed, cardboard tasting type, and the amount of cheese don’t overshadow their flavors either. This is good. Too much cheese can be funsies for about two bites, but most of us, I assume, want to taste the entire pie, in the holy harmony it was meant to have.

Which brings us right back to the crust, one that is good enough that I could eat it by itself. The bite is right there–a good snap up front, followed by a nice, bready chew–with flavors that hold their own, playing well with the toppings. Like I said: harmony. It’s like the top and bottom of the pizza getting together in one great big hug, all for your pleasure.

The interiors of the place are comfortable, too, and not at all generic. Walls are plastered with posters–many of 80s hair rock bands–and there is an almost designed worn-down feel here, without it ever feeling like a dive. It’s the type of spot you want to hang out in–other pizza places should take not.

What’s not to like? Pies with good toppings on great crust, in a likable space; that makes for an OlyCOOL Favorite®.