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Northwest Beerwerks

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

Nobody will sing hymns about the name, but Northwest Beerwerks is quite a decent little beer spot. Some might say it’s very good, and some might be right.

Here you have 24 taps, most of which didn’t look superbly interesting at my first glance. Taking a step back, however, and I came to the realization that I actually was unfamiliar with a good chunk of the breweries. This can often be a bad thing–unknown breweries can very well be unknown for a reason–but I gotta say… I’m guessing some of these keep a low profile merely because they do not have the resources to stretch their arms far and wide.

The Longrifle Rye Saison from Snipes, for example, was very good, and probably one I wouldn’t have noticed anywhere else. At Beerwerks it was hard not to spot, what with the gigantic monitor showing off their menu. A quick glance at Untappd shows that the majority of recent drinkers enjoyed the beer here, too.

The proprietor said he had to drive long distances to get his wares, and I can believe that. Definite pluses for that kind of dedication.

There is also a decent selection of bottles to be found, including the 2014 edition of The Dissident. The prices are not bad at all.

Staff is very friendly, and the interiors are unassuming. Hell, Northwest Beerwerks is overall a nice spot. You might miss some big-name beers, but hey, you can find those elsewhere.

We like it here, and we’re happy seeing Olympia jumping onto the beer bandwagon, just a little later than the rest of the Northwest.