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Iron Rabbit Restaurant & Bar

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

I’m not sure if Iron Rabbit deserves the distinction of being dubbed Olympia’s best restaurant (as some claim), but it’s definitely a good restaurant and, for what it’s worth, an interesting restaurant.

As far as the latter goes, the interiors give the impression of a 1970s diner, which probably isn’t a good thing. The interesting part of this (to me, at least) is a the menu nigh 180° different from the decor, with plenty of creative twists on old classics.

Take the chipotle Benedict: It’s not a million miles away from what one would expect, but the chipotle makes it just a little bit different. Sort of ironic (in the Alanis Morissette take on the word) is that the sauce is the biggest letdown. It’s not that it’s bad as such, but rather dull, without a whole lot of anything going on with it.

The English muffin, meanwhile, is excellent. Here you have bread with a great texture, one that doesn’t fall into the common trap of being too chewy. Both eggs came perfectly poached during our visit, and the prosciutto was equally good; crispy, but not too much so.

Overall a good dish, slightly let down by a so-so sauce.

Following suit of the unevenness of the Benedict, came the steak Caesar salad. The «Kobe» steak came cooked to order, and the addition of polenta croutons are a nice touch. Tasty, too.

Yet again, though, the problem comes with the sauce, or rather the dressing. The flavor adds very little to the overall picture, and kinda lets down what could have been a cool twist on an old idea.

Some ups and downs, then, with the ups being easier to remember, particularly if you finish the meal with their bread pudding. It’s quite good, particularly the whiskey sauce.

There are quite a few cocktails here, too, served with some good twists to them. The beer list is respectable, though not outstanding.

It’s not the best spot in Olympia, but Iron Rabbit is not bad at all. Team OlyCOOL would go back, even though it doesn’t sit on top of our rotation list.