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Gravity Beer Market

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

I imagine it must be hard running a beer store in a small urban area, what with outfits like Total Wine & More rapidly moving in. I feel like I really should hate the big guys, but Total Wine’s selection and pricing really are quite impressive.

Yet I much prefer picking up my beer at Gravity. Working up much excitement when walking into a brightly lit labyrinth of alcohol just isn’t my thing. Gravity is small, and there is barely any light in there, which, for whatever reason, just feels more welcoming. (Plus, bottles shouldn’t be brightly lit either.) Having a dudette or dude behind the counter, as opposed to a clerk, seems fitting too.

And Gravity’s selection is great. The latest Deschutes’s reserves, a steady supply of AleSmith goods… You can always find it here. Opposed to many smaller shops, too, they seem to have a good stock of the bottles. Are they a buck or two more expensive than Total Wine? Sure. But, frankly, I’d rather pay just a little bit more to keep shops like Gravity in town. Gigantic mega stores probably have their place, but you can find them, faceless and without personalities, anywhere.

There are taps here–three, I believe–and on Mondays they have $2 off growler fills. Every time I’ve been there, there has at least been one that’s a bit outside of the norm. You can sample them, too, which is always good.

Finally, the staff has great knowledge about their wares. Ask anyone about anything, and you’ll walk out of the store a more knowledgable person. (And, in my mind, a better member of society, too.)

Gravity is awesome. Our number one stop for beer. Be awesome and make it your choice too.