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Funk Fuzz

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

My shoes are definitely not complicated enough to go into Funk Fuzz, the record store, but seeing they are located inside the hipster thrift store Dumpster Values, I’m pretty sure there’s a grand mission to get me there.

Funk Fuzz is no Rainy Day Records, and I doubt that’s their goal either. While Rainy Day has a good balance of new and used vinyl, this spot seems a bit more… random? Not as well thought out? Not overly awesome?

Maybe that’s just my opinion, but I couldn’t find room to get excited in here. (Literally–the spot is tiny.) I didn’t see much of anything new, and the used stuff really did seem rather random. I’m not saying they simply raided four estate sales to fill up their store, but then, I’m not not saying that either.

What I am saying is that Dumpster Values may just have wanted to up their hipster cred by installing a vinyl sub-shop in their locales. That makes sense. The spot does look very, very hip in there. What one can find inside, though, is kind of somewhere between pedestrian and 80s hair-rock. It’s not particularly awesome, especially when Rainy Day is merely feet away.

But then, maybe my shoes aren’t complicated enough to really “get” it.

(And as our Rainy Day review ended with an Ariel Pink video, it seems fitting to do the same here!)