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Cascadia Grill

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

I don’t want to be a liar, so I’m not going to say I’m a fan.

Having perused the menu, I actually did have some hope for Cascadia. Promises of fresh meat, local buns, and showers of gold made the burgers look very nice on paper. Pricey, sure, but if I get a real gourmet burger, I am willing to shell out a little more than I usually would.

Now, I’m sure the fresh meat and local buns claims are all well and true, but that can only get you so far, when the meal is devoid of flavors.

I went with the Kobe (per usual, a term used in vein) burger, served with thick cut bacon, and cheddar cheese. Kudos to whoever prepared it; the patty was cooked to order, medium-rare, which, sadly, is also where the positives ended.

While I do think the meat should speak for itself, as opposed to being drowned in sauces, there was very little flavor to the beef. More than anything, it was greasy to the point where the bun was falling apart. In that sense, I didn’t really get a proper chance to taste the bread which had turned into a mushy mess. The bacon, while nicely cut, didn’t present much flavor, either.

All in all, the main components of the burger were severely lacking, making the $15.49 seem like a less than clever investment.

I could possibly have excused that as a one menu-item issue, but the ribs did not fare much better. Here, again, the meat was nigh flavorless, and even the accompanying sauce added very little to the party. The meat, at least, was properly cooked.

An off night? Sadly, no. A Team OlyCOOL board meeting would reveal that this is a prevalent problem at Cascadia, and our experience was part of the norm. That’s too bad, seeing our server was attentive, without helicoptering around us.

The vibe of the place is also a bit… odd. It has kind of an English pub thing going on, without quite getting to the finish line with whatever look they were going for. The music during our visit was decidedly 1960s MOR, played at an annoyingly low volume. (Not that I want super loud music or anything, but I don’t love a mosquito buzz volume.)

So, yeah, I can’t say we loved this spot. I don’t really see us going back, what with our entire editorial board having had similar experiences during earlier visits. But, as always, don’t take our word for it–check it out, and decide for yourself. We’re fairly certain you’ll walk out agreeing with us.