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Casa Mia

Posted in OlyCOOL—the premier-ish guide to Olympia.

There’s a lot of history and pride behind Casa Mia, and I think that’s awesome. They have seven locations in Washington, with a story that can be traced back to 1950s New York City. That’s a pretty promising basis for any pizza spot.

What struck me as interesting, was that the first item on their pizza menu is called “Di Fara”. This is largely rooted in the fact that we have visited the actual Di Fara restaurant in Brooklyn, and their pizza ranks very high on our list of favorite pies.

Casa Mia’s pie is “inspired” by their margherita, and… It’s not quite there. It’s by no means horrible, and it’s well worth the price during their happy hour. Beating Di Fara, though, or even coming close to them, that’s a tall order.

A large part comes down to the crust. Di Fara makes one of the best I’ve ever had, and Casa Mia’s attempt really can’t compare. The chew and the flavor is just not there–in my mind there are many places in town that does it better–and it has very little in common with its source of inspiration.

The sauce, however, is quite good, with a good tomato punch to it. That… I don’t want to say “saves”, but it certainly enhances the pie. The cheese? It’s fine, and thankfully they have the original’s cut basil on top. (Although it’s not quite the same as having the old master himself cutting it up in front of you at Di Fara. I guess they couldn’t very well import him…)

It’s a fine pizza, really. Nothing that’ll blow your mind, but at the happy hour price of $6 it’s hard to complain.

And props for the $3 gorgonzola topped, black pepper potato chips. Flavor explosion deluxe; pretty much what an after-work appetizer is meant to be.

I think it’s fair to say Casa Mia’s happy hour is one of the best values in town. Personally I don’t love the pizza, but it does the job well enough. You might like it better than I did, especially if you have different expectations going in. For the price, there is little to raise a stink about, at least.