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Caffe Vita

Posted in our über-incorrigible libation guide: Coffee.

Guys, get those beards trimmed to look appropriately unkempt; girls, take a couple of hours to give your hair that disheveled look—it’s time to hit Caffé Vita!

For the rest of us, well… I guess we just have to deal with the baristi’s aloof contempt, safe in the knowledge the coffee is particularly excellent here.

Caffé Vita has been around for a good long time in Seattle, where it has developed a good reputation, and I guess I am somewhat surprised an Olympia location exists. Not that I complain mind you; there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be successful here when the only-slightly-better Olympia Coffee is thriving.

That’s neither here nor there, though. Get past a surly barista who probably judges your taste in socks, and the product you get is of a high quality. Our Americanos were well-pulled, with lightly roasted beans as base. The result was, as pretty much any good contemporary coffee, of Scandinavian sensibilities. The flavors were slightly oaky with the expected currant tones. Seriously. The coffee world is all about currants. I’ve yet to get a good explanation why that is.

But let’s get back to the important stuff: Who cares about the product, when it’s really about how over the top hip the place makes you feel. The interiors are, all snark aside, pretty awesome, with the concrete floor contrasting the wooden back wall and counter. It’s a comfortable space.

The baristi certainly know their stuff, and even managed to scare off a bro who had the nerve trying to walk in. (Who needs business when you can have attitude?!) I mean, you’ll feel pretty dang good about yourself having run the gauntlet for a cup of coffee.

We’d go back, at least. I couldn’t care less about being judged by a barista who I have no plans of buddying up with, anyway. Give me great coffee, and I’m good, and good coffee is what you get at Caffé Vita.

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